Nu Frontiers in Particle Physics (co-sponsored by ISU ADVANCE)

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Date/Time:Monday, 22 Mar 2010 from 4:10 pm to 5:10 pm
Location:Physics, room 5
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Bonnie Fleming (Yale University)

Long baseline neutrino oscillation physics experiments will address some of the most fundamental questions in particle physics today. These experiments, on the Intensity Frontier, will play a key role in the future of US Particle Physics. This Nu Frontier includes experiments combining precision detection with scalability to large volumes, such as Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers. Their fine-grained tracking and total absorption calorimetry capabilities translate to sensitivity to neutrino oscillation physics significantly better than conventional detection techniques such as Water Cerenkov detectors. Recently, interest in these detectors in the US has grown, and a program to scale these detectors to the large sizes needed for long baseline physics has come into focus. This program, including the ArgoNeuT, MicroBooNE, and the LBNE projects, will be described.

This colloquium is co-sponsored by ISU ADVANCE