Asteroseismology with Kepler

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Date/Time:Friday, 04 Mar 2011 from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:Room 3
Contact:Massimo Marengo
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Double feature with Steve Kawaler (ISU Astro faculty) and Bert Pablo (ISU Astro graduate student).

Steve Kawaler will talk about "Red Giant Asteroseismology with Kepler".

Herbert Pablo will talk about "Compact Binary Pulsators":

In astronomy, determination of fundamental stellar parameters is of great interest. Two of the more useful ways to determine these parameters is through binary analysis and a relatively new field known as asteroseismology. Systems in which both types of analysis can be done is rare and valuable. The study of these binary pulsators is becoming more viable as the onset of space-based missions such as Kepler has significantly enhanced the number of known systems. I will discuss this new field of analysis along with some work I have and will do with these objects.