Unitarity and vacuum stability constraints on the couplings of color octet scalars

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Date/Time:Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013 from 4:10 pm to 5:10 pm
Location:A401, Zaffarano Hall
Contact:Chunhui Chen
Channel:High Energy Physics
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Mr. Han Phoon, Iowa State University

The recent discovery of a 126 GeV boson at the LHC will be followed by a detailed examination of its couplings in order to determine whether this particle is the Higgs boson of the standard model or one of many particles of an extended scalar sector. One such extension with a rich phenomenology consists of a color octet electroweak doublet scalar. The most general renormalizable scalar potential contains twelve new parameters and it is therefore desirable to constrain them. I present theoretical constraints on these parameters obtained by requiring perturbative unitarity for two-to-two scalar scattering amplitudes at high energy and vacuum stability.