Seminar: Resiliency in the workplace

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Date/Time:Tuesday, 21 Sep 2010 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:Cardinal Room, Memorial Union
Channel:General Events
Categories:Meetings, receptions Training, development
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This seminar will provide participants with skills to identify stressors in their lives, understand how these stressors affect them, and learn to practice a variety of effective coping techniques. Facilitated by ISU's EAP provider, Employee and Family Resources. Register for a session on the HRS Training page in AccessPlus.

Completely eliminating stress from your life is not an attainable goal, nor should it be, as personal growth usually occurs in times of stress. Stress is an everyday part of life. Research has identified very specific skills, attitudes and behaviors that help people constructively deal with stress. Resiliency is the term most often used to describe these behaviors .

-- Identify your own personal stressors
-- Learn how to develop a "Resiliency" attitude in dealing with stress/strain of life
-- Be able to implement "Resiliency" qualities and behaviors into your lives to overcome the negative impact of stress
-- Learn and apply new skills to deal more effectively with stress