"The Glue That Binds Us All -- Probing Gluonic Matter with the World's First Electron-Ion Collider"

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Date/Time:Monday, 15 Apr 2013 from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:Physics 0005
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Dr. Thomas Ullrich (Brookhaven National Lab)

Abstract - Gluons determine all the unique features of the strong interactions. Their self-interactions lead to their dominant abundance inside matter. Despite their dominant role, the properties of gluons in matter remain largely unexplored. We have been able to address certain aspects through experiments in electron-proton collisions and have found tantalizing hints of saturated gluon densities in proton-nucleus collisions at the highest energies. But getting to the heart of the matter, unveiling the collective behavior of dense assemblies of gluons under conditions where their self-interactions dominate will require an Electron-Ion Collider: a new facility with capabilities well beyond those of any existing accelerator, a machine that can radically transform our understanding of key features of the strong interactions. In this talk I will outline the compelling physics case for an EIC and discuss briefly the progress towards realization of such a machine.

Brief Bio - Staff Scientist at BNL
Prof (adj.) at Yale University
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Ph.D. 1994 Ruprechts-Karls-Universit├Ąt Heidelberg, Germany