Spin Phenomena in Elastic Scattering of 6He and 8He off Protons

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Date/Time:Thursday, 03 Oct 2013 from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:A401 Zaffarano Hall
Channel:Nuclear Physics
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Prof. Charlotte Elster, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

The calculation and derivation of microscopic optical potentials for calculating scattering observables for elastic scattering from spin-zero nuclei has a long tradition. So-called microscopic `full folding' models based on a nuclear density matrix and a fully-off-shell two-nucleon t-matrix have been developed mainly for closed shell nuclei heavier than Oxygen-16. Constructing microscopic optical potential for the Helium-6 isotope poses a two-fold challenge: First, Helium-6 is a loosely bound nucleus consisting of an alpha-core and two valence neutrons. Second, Helium-6 as well as Helium-8 are not closed-shell nuclei.

To address the first challenge, an optical potential based on the Watson first order multiple scattering ansatz is extended to accommodate the internal dynamics of a cluster model for the Helium-6 nucleus. Differential cross sections and analyzing powers are calculated for a set of energies, including 71~MeV/nucleon and are discussed. In addressing the second challenge, the Watson optical potential has been extended to incorporate the open-shell structure of Helium-6 and Helium-8. Both those effects on the differential cross section and the polarization are discussed.