Commencement: College of Veterinary Medicine

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Date/Time:Saturday, 09 May 2015 at 12:00 pm
Location:Stephens Auditorium
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Commencement speaker is Dr. James DeLano, co-founder of Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and Urgent Care.

Dr. James DeLano is a co-founder of Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and Urgent Care and a proud graduate of the Iowa State University Veterinary Medicine Class of 1987. He credits ISU with laying the foundation for his successes both in business and in life.

As a child in Chicago, Jim discovered his passion for veterinary medicine at an early age as he spent time shadowing his neighbor, Dr. Theodore Lafeber, at his practice. Arriving in Iowa fresh off high school graduation in the "big city" Jim was ready to share his knowledge; little did he know he had a long way to go.

Over the next seven years, Jim learned more than he could have ever hoped for. The community constantly amazed him with their caring and honesty. His fellow students did their best to keep a city boy from serious injury, or death-by-cow, as he fumbled his way through. Today Jim will tell you he would not have made it without the incredible generosity and kindness of his peers, professors, and other community members.

In addition to keeping him alive and sane, ISU literally made it possible for Jim to make it through by providing numerous modes of financial assistance. He was rarely turned down as he created work-study opportunities for himself; pig pen cleaner, pathology floor cleaner, organic chemistry research assistant and more. Faced with the enormous cost of travel to the annual SCAVMA convention, he and a friend founded the SCAVMA Scamper Fundraiser, a 5K/10K run, to help his class get there. Thirty two years later, the scamper is still a community favorite each year.

Upon graduating in 1987, he headed west with his wife, Julie, to California and worked for 18 months in a high volume, low cost practice. This was followed by a six month stint at the Peninsula Humane Society just prior to opening a small animal practice in 1989. That practice, founded with a partner, began as a leasehold improvement and has since relocated twice to its current operating site in a 14,000sf building on 3 acres. Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center is now a veterinary hospital that cares for more than 12,000 families and 17,000 pets each year. The practice currently supports 17 veterinarians and 70 support staff. In what he believes is a part of his adopted Iowan spirit, Dr. Delano's proudest achievement is that 14 DVM's have joined the practice and never left.

When asked about his success as a business owner Dr. DeLano says, "clearly, the success I've had in my professional life is directly related to my time at Iowa State. I recognize that many who came before me laid the groundwork for me to be successful which is why it feels so natural for me to pay it forward."

In 2011, Jim was honored to join the faculty at UC Davis as an Assistant Clinical Professor - Volunteer. There he teaches business and exam room communication skills in hope of helping the next generation find even more success.