Online Tele-Workshop: Multiweek course: Developing the Resilient Writing Spirit: How to Overcome Shame and Impostor Feeling - 1

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Date/Time:Monday, 06 Oct 2014 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Location:Online Tele-Workshop - National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development
Channel:Academic Affairs
Categories:Training, development
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This is a 3-week workshop focused on developing one's sense of worthiness to express one's ideas and become prolific as a minoritized scholar.

Through weekly calls and exercises, you will develop the skills you need to navigate one's feelings of shame and impostor syndrome as an academic writer. At the end of this experience, participants will redefine their purpose of writing, develop rituals of writing, plan their community/network of support, and strategize to center one's sense of worthiness inside/outside the academy. Each of these key course components will be chosen and designed by you to increase your writing productivity while also reducing 'shame' and 'impostor' time. This course is ideal for new or experienced minoritized scholars at research or teaching universities, and/or writers in general who want to reduce the anxiety and/or time associated with writing.

Riyad Shahjahan, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of higher, adult, and lifelong education (HALE) at Michigan State University. His scholarship is on equity and social justice education, globalization of higher education, and anti/postcolonial theory. His scholarship has appeared in over 23 peer-reviewed journal articles. When not occupied with his beautiful 2 year old daughter, 7 year old son, and/or partner, he loves reading novels, practicing Tai Chi, cooking, eating out, and posting yelp reviews.

This event will be held online: []

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