Online Tele-Workshop: How to Ace your Qualifying Exams: Strategies to Help You Prepare and Perform at Your Peak

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Date/Time:Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Location:Online Tele-Workshop - National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development
Channel:Academic Affairs
Categories:Training, development
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Every graduate student must pass some version of the much-dreaded qualifying exam before being allowed to start dissertation research. But this critical rite of passage is rarely discussed in detail until it's almost too late!

In this workshop, Dr. Sabrina Marie Chase will show you how to prepare for your particular exams using a combination of easy-to-manage strategies and cutting-edge software. Whether this is your first semester in graduate school or you are almost ready to take your exams, you can benefit from these practical strategies for preparing, performing and keeping your wits about you during the test of your life.

Sabrina Marie Chase, PhD coordinates the Joint Urban Systems Ph.D. Program in Urban Health at the Rutgers School of Nursing, where she mentors a group of 25 graduate students. As a former dissertation coach, Sabrina specializes in helping students slay the dragons of graduate education while maintaining serenity and life balance. Along the path, her students become scholar-activists and urban change agents. Sabrina is a medical anthropologist by training. Her work focuses on the intersection of health disparities, urban clinics and emerging trends in primary care. She is currently collaborating with the nurse director of the Jordan and Harris Community Health Center in Newark, NJ to examine innovations in primary care delivery in a community-directed, nurse-managed clinic. In 2011 she published Surviving HIV/AIDS in the Inner City: How Resourceful Latinas Beat the Odds, based on her ethnographic research with HIV+ Latinas living in the greater Newark area.

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