Oh Honey w/ PUBLIC & Nick Santino

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Date/Time:Tuesday, 07 Apr 2015 at 8:00 pm
Cost:$10 Students / $15 Public
Contact:Student Union Board
Channel:Student Union Board
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Oh Honey, named both for Mitchy Collins' favorite episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and the burgeoning artisan honey movement in Brooklyn that captivated him and band-mate Danielle Bouchard, is a blend of bright folk and uplifting pop which -- like the sound of a cold beer snapping open in the summertime -- represents the promise of something great.

After working in music since his late teens, musician and songwriter Mitchy Collins woke up in the spring of 2013 inspired to create a new project, a folk pop duo that balanced his own voice with a female counterpart. Mitchy, who had joined Billy Mann's Green & Bloom Publishing two years back, enlisted the help of a few of his fellow Brooklyn songwriter and producer pals.

The idea was to channel an organic sense of candor in the propulsive, acoustic numbers in a way that felt free of industry pressure. The musician connected with Danielle Bouchard, a songwriter and theater actress, through a friend who sat Mitchy down and played him an iPhone voice recording of Danielle covering a Bonnie Raitt tune. When they met, the duo clicked immediately, both personally and in the studio, where their voices matched seamlessly with each other. The end result was the duo's independently released debut EP, "With Love."

"With Love" was released in November of 2013 and its flagship single, "Be Okay," has a celebratory buoyancy to its folky riffs and infectious chorus that reflects Oh Honey's overarching affirmative tone. The EP's four songs are amiable, hooky and infused with a humble optimism. "That's where we started with the music and we just kept that vibe organic," Mitchy says. "I prefer to leave the emotions in the songs since I'm not so good at doing that in life. And the songs and our friends -- the musicians and producers who helped us -- really led the way."