2016 Symposium on Sustainability - Poster Reception

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Date/Time:Monday, 29 Feb 2016 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Location:South Ball Room
Contact:Merry Rankin
Channel:Live Green
Categories:Live Green
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Join us at the 2016 Symposium on Sustainability Poster Reception, celebrating sustainability efforts and accomplishments on and off-campus.

The Symposium on Sustainability is Iowa State University's annual event dedicated toward celebrating the sustainability initiatives and achievements of students, faculty, and staff during the past year and informing of goals and action items being pursued in the upcoming year.

The 7th Annual Iowa State University Symposium on Sustainability, "One World, Green World: Embracing our Collective Connections toward a Legacy of Sustainability", will be held Monday, February 29 and Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

This year's Symposium on Sustainability focuses specifically on engaging discussions and dialogue related to research, projects, initiatives, events and operations that embrace a worldview vision toward a sustainable future. It also features a sustainability poster reception, keynote lecture, documentary screening and Green It Yourself (GIY) Centers.

As well as a poster session highlighting work and accomplishments of university leadership and commitment in areas of operations, academics, and the overall student experience and highlighting campus and community initiatives, accomplishments, and opportunities related to sustainability and living (and working) green, this year's event also features the presentation of the annual winners and nominees of the Live Green! Awards for Excellence in Sustainability.

This year's event will kick-off on Monday, February 29, with a poster reception at 6:30pm followed by an opening keynote lecture at 8pm, "Dangerous Years: Climate Change in the Long Emergency" by Dr. David W. Orr, professor of environmental studies and counselor to the President at Oberlin College (http://www.event.iastate.edu/event/37539...=1&s=d). The Symposium will conclude on Tuesday, February 24, at 8pm with a public screening of the documentary, Racing Extinction, in the Memorial Union Sun Room (http://www.event.iastate.edu/event/37740...=1&s=d).

Sustainapalooza, a companion event to the annual Symposium on Sustainability, offers a very interactive and activities-based opportunity to increase awareness and engagement in sustainability initiatives, events, and opportunities on campus and in the Ames community takes place on Tuesday, March 1, from 5-8pm in the Memorial Union Great Hall (http://www.event.iastate.edu/event/38373).