Sustainability Symposium Keynote: The Thoughtful Coal Miner

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Date/Time:Monday, 19 Feb 2018 at 8:00 pm
Location:Great Hall, Memorial Union
Channel:Lecture Series
Categories:Lectures Live Green
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"Coal, Climate and Environmental Backlash." Nick Mullins is a former fifth generation coal miner from Appalachia seeking to better educate audiences about Appalachia's jobs vs. environment dichotomy.

More about The Thoughtful Coal Miner blog: About the blog

Sample posts
Coal Miners Are Good People | Sept 5, 2017
"Most of the guys I worked with in the mines were damn good people, even some of the foremen. They were hard workers and most had families that loved them, families they’d do anything for. Few people in our nation sacrifice as much to provide for their families as do coal miners. . . . Miners know the risks they face, and many would gladly exchange them for a different job. At the end of the day, coal mining remains the only work in the region capable of feeding, clothing, and sheltering their family."

This Former Coal Miner’s Perspective on Climate Change | Sept 19, 2017
"When it comes to climate change, people rationalize their opinions based on how it affects them. For those of us in Appalachia, the way climate change is affecting us is almost always perceived through the 'War on Coal.'"