Workshop: What I Wish I Had Said: Basic Bystander Intervention Skills

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Date/Time:Wednesday, 28 Mar 2018 from 12:10 pm to 1:30 pm
Location:2030 Morrill Hall
Channel:Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Categories:Training, development
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Have you found yourself in situation where communication is breaking down and you're not sure how to intervene? Do you know how each person contributes to the situation, and how we ourselves can own who we are? What skills can you draw upon to fight personal paralysis during conflict?

Lora-Leigh Chrystal and Janice Crow, Program for Women in Science & Engineering, will teach you the basic skills every bystander needs to know to intervene and reframe conversations onto more productive tracks. Participants in this session will be challenged with a series of practice scenarios and learn a variety of responses. Gender, race, and cultural identities influencing various contexts including casual hallway/water cooler conversations, learning spaces such as classrooms/laboratories, and small group interactions such as committee and faculty meetings will be discussed.

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