Web talk, Team-Based Learning: Group Work that Works

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Date/Time:Friday, 05 Feb 2021 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Location:online only - via Zoom from Yale University
Channel:Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Categories:Training, development
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Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a learning strategy in which most of the work of the class is done in structured, permanent learning teams. Like other flipped-classroom methods (though TBL was invented long before the term "flipped classroom), the students' first exposure to course content is outside of class, as students read the assigned material and are tested on their preparation, individually and as a team.

In class, students apply the course content by working increasingly complex, real-world team application problems, usually those in which they have to make a decision. The amazing result is that students spend the class period vigorously discussing the concepts of your class! This session will explore the hows and whys of TBL and help participants get an idea of its potential for use in their own courses.

About the presenter, Sarah Leupen, Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences, University of Maryland,Baltimore County

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Series Overview
The Scientific Teaching in Practice Webinar Series extends the learning and dialogue that occurs at the Summer Institutes (SI) on Scientific Teaching into a year-round community that supports and inspires evidence-based teaching. Each month, the SI community is invited to attend an interactive webinar related to the practice and/or dissemination of scientific teaching. The webinar will be facilitated by someone experienced in that area, integrating significant time for questions and open discussion. Webinars are open to SI alums as well as those generally interested in scientific teaching and evidence-based teaching strategies.

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