Using factorization to construct a consistent theory of jet modification in an arbitrary medium

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Date/Time:Thursday, 28 Jan 2010 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location:Zaffarano A 401
Contact:James Vary ()
Channel:Nuclear Physics
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Abhijit Majumder

Hard processes such as DIS, electron-positron annihilation, Drell-Yan pair production as well as jets in p-p collisions are well described by pQCD based on a factorization and evolution approach in the presence of a hard scale. We show that a simple extension of this approach, based on a study of corrections suppressed by powers of the hard scale but enhanced by the length of the medium, may be used to describe a wide range of phenomena in the case of jet modification in dense extended matter. This includes both cold nuclear matter and hot deconfined quark gluon plasmas. After an introduction to the underlying assumptions and a derivation of the basic jet modification formulae, we will demonstrate with multiple examples how this approach has been used to successfully explain a variety of experimental data at RHIC and DESY. We then outline a set of straightforward yet nontrivial extensions which may provide explanations of some of the puzzles at RHIC.