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If you have a desktop calendar, software program or PDA that works with iCalendar (ics) or vCalendar (vcs) files, you can subscribe or download the Iowa State calendars below.

Importing ISU Events into the Google calendar

To import one of the calendar feeds below into your Google calendar, right-click the "iCal/vCal" link and select "copy link location" to save the URL on your clipboard. Then sign on to your Google calendar, click the "add" link in the left column and paste down the URL you copied. See detailed instructions.

iCal on the Mac

Apple's iCal software works with iCalendar, as well as Mozilla calendar. If you subscribe to one of the calendars, you'll need to check the "refresh" box. However, please don't set your subscription to refresh every 15 minutes. Refreshing once a day is sufficient. These calendar files are updated early each morning.

Importing to MS Outlook (PC only)

You also can import the calendar files below into your MS Outlook. A few words of caution: Once a calendar has been imported, the only way to delete its files is by hand. Also, if you import the same file several times, you'll get duplicate entries on your calendar. To import a file to Outlook, download it to your desktop and use Outlook's "import" wizard to select "import an iCalendar or vCalendar file."

Calendar Feeds
All Events iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Featured Events iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Academic calendar (Registrar, colleges) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Arts, performances (Museums, Workspace, ISCenter, ISU Theatre, M-Shop) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Athletics (Athletics, hockey) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Conferences (Scheman/Extension, colleges) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Diversity (All) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Lectures iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Live Green iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Meetings, receptions (UnivRel) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Special events (UR) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Student activities (MU) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS
Training, development (ITS, CELT, EH&S) iCal/vCal (download) or RSS