Live Talk with Terry Allen!

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Date/Time:Thursday, 01 Mar 2012 at 6:00 pm
Location:2019 Morrill Hall
Contact:University Museums
Channel:Lectures Program
Categories:Arts, performances, Lectures
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Terry Allen has been described as "a true modern day renaissance man" and has received numerous awards for his art. Take this opportunity to interact with a major figure in contemporary art and join Allen as he discusses his interests and projects in art, music, and theater. View some of his current and completed projects on his website -

Artist Terry Allen works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, painting, drawing and video. He is also an accomplished songwriter, musician and has written for and worked in both radio and theater. In 2009 the Iowa State University Museums commissioned Allen to create a public work of art for the State Gymnasium addition. His project, A Public Perception, includes eighteen neon sculptures located throughout the new student recreation center. Terry Allen's talk accompanies an exhibit showcasing is creative processes as a public artist, from conception through installation. The exhibit features many of his drawings and notebooks and will be on display in the Christian Petersen ArtMuseum, 1017 Morrill Hall, January 9 - May 4, 2012. A book signing and reception featuring live music by Cup of Tea will immediately follow the talk.