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Date/Time:Monday, 11 Feb 2013 at 7:00 pm
Location:1420 Molecular Biology Building
Contact:Kan Wang
Channel:Osborn Club
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"Companion Animals as Spontaneous Models for Human Cancers," Krysta Deitz, ISU Veterinary Clinical Sciences. The lecture portion of Osborn Club meetings is open to the public.

The spontaneous occurrence of cancer in companion animals provides a unique opportunity to study cancers that affect their human counterparts. Pet dogs and cats share the same environment as their owners and develop similar cancer types. These animals provide a model to study cancer that can benefit canines, felines, and humans, which has many benefits over traditional laboratory animal models of cancer, where tumors are induced in mice that do not share a home environment with humans. In addition, mice do not live as long as dogs and cats, and they are smaller, making it more difficult to obtain tissue and blood specimens. This talk will focus on the study of canine thyroid cancer and its similarities to human thyroid cancer. The dog as a spontaneous model for thyroid cancer will be discussed, including behavior, pathologic findings, and genetic expression. In addition, recent work exploring genetic expression as shown with microarray analysis in canine thyroid tumors, and validation of upregulation of specific genes including VEGFA, osteopontin, and secreted frizzled-related protein 2 will be discussed.

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