"Inclusive hadron production in DIS off heavy nuclei at small-x"

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Date/Time:Thursday, 11 Apr 2013 from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:A401 Zaffarano Hall
Channel:Nuclear Physics
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Dajing Wu, Department of Physics and Astronomy, ISU

We studied inclusive hadron production in DIS at low x. Properties of the hadron spectrum are different in different kinematic regions formed by three relevant momentum scales: photon virtuality Q2, hadron transverse momentum kT and the saturation momentum Qs(x). We investigate each kinematic region and derive the corresponding asymptotic formulas for the cross section at the leading logarithmic order. We analyze the next-leading-order (NLO) corrections to the BFKL kernel that are responsible for the momentum conservation. We study the nuclear effect on the inclusive cross section using the nuclear modification factor and its logarithmic derivative. We argue that the later is proportional to the difference between the anomalous dimension of the gluon distribution in nucleus and in proton and thus is a direct measure of the coherence effects.