Mesons in a Covariant Quark Model

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Date/Time:Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017 from 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm
Location:A401 Zaffarano Hall
Channel:Nuclear Physics
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Sofia Leitao, University of Lisbon

Mesons offer a prime target for studies of various approaches to quantum chromodynamics (QCD), which is widely accepted as the quantum field theory of the strong interaction. While, in terms of the number of constituents, their appearance is simple at first glance, mesons provide a broad range of phenomena and challenges to both experiment and theory. Namely, recent data from the Belle and CLEO collaborations,experimental programs such as GlueX at Jefferson Lab, together with the LHCb news on puzzling hadronic structures that elude an explanation within the traditional quark model picture, incite theoretical studies on hadron spectroscopy and structure. In this work, we compute a variety of q-antiquark mass spectra and wave functions, ranging from heavy to heavy-light sectors, using a unified and manifestly covariant relativistic description. Calculations for mesons with different tensor structures are performed and compared with experiment, as well as with the results of other approaches.