Open house: Digital Access Office

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Date/Time:Thursday, 18 May 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:206 Durham Center
Contact:Zayira Jordan
Categories:Meetings, receptions
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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Learn about some of the work being done at the university to address digital accessibility.

Another piece of the GAAD observance is the #NoMouse challenge: You can experience the impact of accessibility blockers by unplugging your mouse or trackpad and using only your keyboard (tab/shift tab, arrow keys, enter and spacebar) to navigate and interact with your favorite websites and applications.

Developers and designers are encouraged to visit a site they were involved in creating and take it for a test drive.
-- Is there a visible focus indicator (i.e., do you know where you are) at all times as you navigate each screen using the tab and shift/tab keys?
-- Are you able to interact with every element that receives focus using the keyboard alone?
-- If there is any element that provides functionality when you hover over it with your mouse, such as revealing a tooltip or a set of actions, can you display this using the keyboard alone?

ISU's Digital Access Office would like to hear about your experience. Please, report on it through this form so that we may learn more about accessibility from your perspective.